Cricket Frass is a must have fertilizer in every garden

Cricket Poo or Cricket Frass is 100% pure “cricket litter”. It contains on average around 98% pure cricket manure, and app 2% of a mix of a little cricket food (chicken feed on steroids), shed cricket skins (exoskeletons ) and a shreds of paper chewed by the crickets.

Frass isn’t sticky but it has a dry, sand-like texture, and very little or none odor.

It can be used as a dry fertilizer or as an additive for soil conditioners. Also, it is used in the preparation of liquid teas. Cricket Frass contains natural chitin, which is also known to trigger natural defense systems of a plant. It’s a unique fertilizer that is 100% organic, a natural food for plants and sustainable.

Approved for organic farming, environmentally safe around ponds and waterways, saf for pets and people. Frass is a slow release and doesn’t wash off fast as chemical fertilizers.
You can be sure that it won’t burn your plants without and they aren’t in the risk of so called “over-fertilization”.


  • Increased Growth + Yield
  • Increased Pest and Disease Resistance
  • Beneficial Microbes
  • Great For Veggies, Trees, and everything in-between
  • Maximizing plant growth
  • Pest resistance Increased
  • No root burn
  • Slow release natural coating
  • Cost-effective
  • Sustainable
  • 100% Natural
  • Pre-sifted

Cricket Frass molecular composition increases, in natural way, vegetative growth of the plants by activating innate growth mechanisms.

Plants which are treated with chitin (one of the main components) from Cricket Frass showed statistically significant increases.

• Root length up to 5%

• Shoot length up to 28%


Increased pest resistance

Exposure to Cricket Frass causes the activation of defense response genes. This results in a stronger and more robust plants, with superior pest resistant characteristics.


Fertilizer without any risk

Cricket Frass can be mixed into any substrate directly to increase the nutrient value and quality of the soil with zero risk of burning the roots.

Also, Frass naturally maximizes ability of the plants to metabolize those nutrients.

Daniel Pikl

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