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When some may feel a shiver down their spine when they examine them, others view the future: pests. In Asian countries, the small crawling animals have ever been regarded as a fine food and therefore are on the menu. Many startups have found this food choice for themselves and are currently hoping to convince the European marketplace of its own benefits. Within this article you may find out, which ones are beforehand and what else there is to learn about the small crawlies.

Small critters, large benefits

Insects aren’t a modern day discovery. Thousands of years back, our ancestors ate insects. You will find good reasons for this: Their elevated protein content created them perfect for powering the hunters and gatherers fast. Even now, insects are a basic portion of the Asian food program. To us Europeans, they’re known from tourist economies, which provide them in many different preparations for its bravest travellers. Nevertheless, they didn’t make it to Europe to the regular food. Still, the crawlers offer you many favorable aspects for people and our environment.

The team of the Startup Swarm at an Asian night market. (Photo: Swarm)

Fundamental issues of humankind are the continuous rise of people and the rising demand for animal fats. The tools we’ve used up to now will at some stage no longer be enough to fulfill this requirement. And this is the point where the pests enter the image. In addition, it shields the climate: cows breeding generates around 100 times more greenhouse gases. The simple fact that insect flesh has a higher content of carbohydrates, potassium and vitamins compared to that of cows, as an instance, and it is generally not subjected to a vast array of antibioticsthat makes it healthier for people.

For those animals themselves, it’s easier to breed them at a species-appropriate method. While cows, pigs and cows are normally not killed in a humane way, the qualities of the pests as alternating warm creatures are utilized. The body temperature of these is cooled to this extent, they become numb. If the temperature is then lowered farther, they no longer wake up in the rigidity and may be made durable by freeze-drying with no additives.

Things could get going in 2018

Until January 1st 2018, it had been nearly impossible for startups to market their insect goods on the European or German industry. Just after the EU had controlled the creation and sale of pests at the Novel Food Regulation the German customer may delight in a vast array of these products. This is the starting signal for those startups to conquer the industry and convince their sceptical buyers of the potential. Ever since that time, the amount of individuals who have their nourishment through bugs, estimated from the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO in the two billion, has been growing daily.

From A for apricot bar to C for cinnamon-sugar cricket

Bug Foundation


  • Insect Burger
Bug Foundation
Boris Özel and Max Krämer offer samples of the first German insect burger. (Photo: Jörg Sarbach)

You have likely already heard of Bug Foundation, since the startup was a frequent subject on tv and in the media in the past couple of decades. No real surprise, because Bug Foundation provides Germany’s first insect bites and hamburgers are intriguing for just about everyone. It is made up of buffalo worms, a nutrient-rich and bred insect species, in addition to chosen vegetarian ingredients.

Beneto Foods


  • High-protein insect pasta (curry, mushrooms, chocolate-cinnamon, tomato and natural)

Lara Schuhwerk, the creator of Beneto Foods, is a sure Benetarian — a kind of diet, based by herself. It’s founded on the title Beneto Foods and stands to get a sustainable and mindful way of life, where plant and insect proteins substitute the daily use of meat. It is about the appreciation, which Lara would like to pass on to clients with her startup notion as well as the goods.

Plumento Foods


  • Insect spaetzle & noodles
  • Insect falafel mix
  • Edible insects (e.g. buffalo worm, mealworm & cricket)
Plumento Foods
Dr. Daniel Mohr and chef Gerd Astor with dishes made from their insect noodles. (Photo: Plumento Foods)

Plumento Foods stands out of other insect startups in lots of ways. Compared to the frequently young founders, you will find 3 experienced partners supporting this provider. Due to these, Plumento Foods managed to establish its goods on the German marketplace already in 2017. Because of the excitement of the Pforzheim government, the startup has been permitted to use a gray area for itself until the EU formally approved commerce with insect goods.



  • Insect energy bars (e.g. apricot-physalis, coffee & macha-sesame)
  • Roasted crickets (e.g. chili, onion & liquorice)
  • Insect flips (e.g. salt-pepper, rosemary-tomato & paprika)
The Insnack team proudly presents its products at a trade fair. (Photo: Insnack)

The thought for his startup was supplied to the Insnack creator Marc Schotter early on. Throughout a master job at his college, he and several fellow pupils pitched his plan in a contest and won. Later he and, amongst others, his fellow pupil Jean-Baptiste Delas chose to put the notion in reality: Insnack was born.



  • Insect bars (e.g. Red Berries, Chia Haselnut & Raw Cacao)
Timo and Christopher from Swarm at an insect farm (Photo: Swarm)

Like most other insect startups, everything in Swarm began with a visit to Asia. The creators Dr. Christopher Zeppenfeld and Timo Bäcker wished to locate authentic inspiration , they could then integrate in their startup idea. After they could not find exactly what they were searching for at the tourist economies, they immediately bought bikes and hauled through Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. They met many farmers and seen farms, by which they eventually gathered all of the information they had to create their merchandise. Even now Swarm still functions with all these Thai farmers.

Wicked Cricket


  • Seasoned crickets (e.g. Allgäu wild herbs, pink pepper & cinnamon and sugar)
  • Insect power bars
  • Cooking insects (e.g. cricket, grasshopper & mealworms)
Wicked Cricket Gründer
It’s tasty! The Wicked Cricked team with their crickets. (Photo: Wicked Cricked)

The 2 founders Matthias Rasch and Josef Hirte demonstrated, that everyone is able to realize their dream of a startup, even should they have a fantastic thought and think in it. The former instructor and physicist started by breeding bugs in their own kitchen until they worked their way upward to accessible sizes such as orders. Another exceptional feature: Their startup Wicked Cricket sticks into the flavor of insects and doesn’t pay this up in its own products. Actually, the reverse is true! The creators chosen the spices to brilliantly bring out the flavor of their tiny creatures.

Isaac Nutrition


  • Protein powder (e.g. vanilla, coconut & cocoa)
  • Insect flour

Rather than crickets or grasshoppers, it utilizes germs from a farm because of its own creations. Isaac Nutrition have the benefit, they are not hard to breed beneath species-appropriate requirements and have a brief shipping course. But that isn’t where it stopsThe startup doesn’t use plastic because of its packaging; rather, the goods are shipped in reusable cans. In an internet cookbook with merchandise from Isaac Nutrition, buyers may also find inspiration.



  • Dry food
  • Wet food
Sita visibly likes her insect food! (Photo: Ofrieda)

Ultimately, we concentrate on man’s best friend: the puppy! Ofrieda creates dog food out of insects following the startup firm asked , why these goods are only available for people. After all, dogs consume around twice as much meat as we all do! So it’s largely replaced this with this black soldier fly. Another point is that the simple fact that neither grain nor industrial beef waste is utilized in the foods. But the owners can eat it the startup jokes onto its own site, but it’s obviously customized into the flavor of our four-legged pals.

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